Cec Murphey, Writer

When I write, I want to reach out and hug my readers.

I write because it’s a gift.

Although it’s difficult for me to say those words aloud, I believe I have an aptitude to communicate messages of encouragement on the page or screen. It’s difficult to say because I don’t want to come across as implying I have a special endowment that no one else does. Yet it’s part of my “divine equipping,” and I want to use it well.

I also have trouble expressing that God would favor me with such an endowment. Even now, after more than 135 books, I’m still in awe that God would use my words to touch other people.

That sense of wonderment is the major reason I know it’s a gift. Calling it a gift means it’s not a possession I earned, nor is it an ability I produced by myself. It’s a knack given to me for myself and for others.


Good Words about Writing

“Cec Murphey is a master writer. I’ve watched as he’s helped people like Ben Carson, Shaun Alexander, and Don Piper craft their books into bestsellers. I’ve seen him tenderly assemble gift books that touch the hurting heart. There isn’t much Cec can’t do with a keyboard in front of him. But in addition to his own writing talents, he’s spent huge amounts of time and energy mentoring the next generation of writers. I’m in awe of Cec. He’s irreplaceable!”
–Nick Harrison, Senior Editor Harvest House Publishers

“Cec just has a way of writing, of being, of relating. He’s plain-spoken while profound. He’s the trusted and familiar stranger you meet and know instantly you are going to be best friends.”
–Jason Rovenstine, SVP Ellie Claire and Summerside Press

Real. Gutsy. Transparent. Honest. These four words best describe both Cecil Murphey and his writing. Read a Cecil Murphey book and your mind will be stretched, your heart transformed, and you’ll gain powerful insight to discover just who you are and what you, uniquely, can do to make a difference in the world.”
–Ramona Tucker, Cofounder/Editorial Director, OakTara Publishers 

“Cec writes from the heart. He is transparent and delivers a powerful message. I highly recommend his writing to those who want to understand themselves better and to draw closer to the Lord. Cec’s book Unleash the Writer Within needs to be in the hands of every writer.”
–Yvonne Ortega, Speaker, Author, Counselor, Teacher  


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