Abuse Survivor

Cec Murphey, Survivor

After I began to deal with my childhood sexual abuse, I felt I needed to share my story, especially with other survivors. One of the things I often say is, “I know of myself only what I say of myself.” As long as I kept the abuse a secret, I still wasn’t free. But as I shared my experiences and what I had learned as a survivor, people resonated with those words, and I experienced healing.


I didn’t plan to make abuse a phase of my ministry, but the responses and the incredible needs have pushed me to become more public. As I become open with my story, it encourages others to speak out and free themselves from pain.

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“I have met many people who could write, but very few that could use words to touch you in such a personal way as Cec Murphey. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, many of his comments speak as though they were written just for me. They are encouraging and healing. God bless Cec for his wisdom and his talent.”
– Tom Scales, Executive Director
VOICE Today Inc.

“Cec Murphey is real and compassionate. He has been there. He knows what he’s talking about. I can’t say enough about how much his ministry has impacted my life and contributed to my healing. I’m very grateful.”
– Gary Roe, Abuse Survivor and Hospice Chaplain

“Cecil’s ministry for sexually abused individuals has been the catalyst for me being open about what had happened to me in my past. The healing that has taken place in my heart is priceless. Thank you, Cecil, for your courage and for the platform you have created to help victims of sexual abuse speak up and heal.
Eric Wagenmaker, Abuse Survivor

“Cec’s abuse ministry has opened my own heart. Hearing him talk so openly, to write and teach on the topic of sexual abuse has made me unafraid to tell my story. Cec is such a blessing, willing to admit he’s still on the journey as well, but willing to walk with whomever needs him to walk with them. Whether it be for a short season or over an undefined period of time and whether in person, at conferences, or through his writing, Cec speaks healing and hope straight to the heart.”
Dann Youle, Abuse Survivor
Student of Counseling, (Earning MA in Counseling at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary)
Former Director of Land Office Ministries